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       Fire Safety Training 

At MPW Safety Solutions Ltd, we ensure that your staff are fully trained in fire safety and that your company fully complies with the Fire Safety Reform Order of 2005.

This course  provides Learners with the opportunity to develop their fire safety awareness to help ensure that they are keeping themselves and others safe at all times in the workplace.
This course allows Learners to build an understanding of fire safety management and the specific roles and responsibilities related to fire safety in the workplace such as fire Wardens/Marshals
Evacuation chairs help to evacuate immobile or fragile people in an emergency down escape stairs. Correct handling of an evacuation chair is very important to avoid injury or strain. This course trains staff how to correctly, and confidently, use the Evacuation Chair in an emergency situation. A certificated course that lasts about 2.5 hours, the session includes both theoretical and practical training skills and knowledge, delivered by a professionally qualified trainer.
Fire Safety online
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