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Evacuation Chair Training

Who is this course for?

The Evacuation Chair Training course is for anyone who may need to use or assist in the evacuation of persons with impaired mobility in the event of a fire or other emergency requiring the evacuation of a building using an evacuation chair.


To ensure that delegates have a greater knowledge and understanding of fire and emergency evacuation procedures in the workplace including the safe use of the evacuation chair to aid the evacuation of people with impaired mobility.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will learn how to use an evacuation chair safely and efficiently. This course will also ensure that delegates have a better understanding of company evacuation procedures affecting mobility-impaired people along with the issues affecting those with mobility impairment.

Course Content

  • Legislation relating to fire and evacuation plans

  • Introduction to Emergency Evacuation Plans

  • Video on the safe use of an evacuation chair

  • Safe use of an evacuation chair

  • Demonstration and practical syndicate exercise

  • Limitations of use and safety considerations

  • Management of an evacuation chair

Delivery Method

A combination of classroom based activity, syndicate working and Presentation/demonstrations, practical application and question and answer paper. A wide range of video and photographic material is used to enhance the learning experience for delegates.

Assessment and Certification

Continued assessment process with a question and answer paper leading to certification on successfully completing the course.


Duration 2 Hours

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